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WARNING: Do NOT read on if you are easily offended!
The 'Hefner Effect'
Let me show you how to leverage the 3 key psychological principles that enable any guy to date as many women as you can handle...

...all without needing billions of dollars, movie-star good looks, or doing anything manipulative!
Hey Bro,

If you want to discover how you can attract the hottest women you want…

And have them practically begging to be one of your many girlfriends…

Without having to lie… spend massive amounts of money… or even having to be naturally good-looking or confident...

Then read on, because I’m about to show you how some of the most successful seducers in history did it… including the great Hugh Hefner, Cassanova and even Don Juan himself….
So, let me introduce you to: 'The Hefner Effect'
Summarised in this diagram, the 'Hefner Effect' happens when you get 3 core 'ingredients' just right.

The result? An endless supply of the world's most beautiful women practically beating down your door to be one of your many girlfriends!

How does it work? Let me explain...

Everyone assumes the reason Hugh Hefner's able to build his incredible harem of models well into his 90s is “because he's a Billionaire and could buy his way into any woman’s panties”... 
And if you look at it from the eyes of the average Joe, I can't fault you for thinking that “makes sense on paper”.

However... it's simply not true.

Why do I say this?

Because anyone who actually take the time to read up on Hef’s life will know…

Hef was dating multiple women LONG before he became a billionaire!

… after he divorced his first wife, during the early years of the magazine… he finally embraced the “Playboy” lifestyle and would stay that way until his second marriage in 1989.

So if his money wasn’t what attracted the women… then what did? The answer, my friend lies in that diagram above.

You see, 

The 'Hefner Effect' boils down to 3 core psychological pillars Hugh Hefner & other famous seducers have tapped into to attract unlimited women into their lives...

When you implement all 3 pillars, literally any guy can create the kind of abundant dating life previously reserved for millionaire rockstars:

Like my student Adriano, who after being part of my community for just a few months had this to say...
So let me walk you through all 3 pillars so you can create the Hefner Effect yourself.

But first, who am I and why the hell should you listen to me?
In late 2010, my dating life was virtually non-existent...
I had spent the better part of 4 years, and a small fortune on almost every single pickup, seduction and technique you could find. And what did I have to show for it?

Just a handful of drunk one night stands with girls I’d be too embarrassed to show any of my friends… and even those took hundreds of rejections before I achieved 'success'...

I spent countless nights going to clubs, and spending an arm and a leg on drinks… while making a fool of myself trying to “work my routines” on the girls I saw. 

Yet each time I'd leave a club alone, I felt like a worse, faker version of myself who couldn’t ever attract a girl no matter how hard I tried...

Now… if was having this much trouble getting just one girl to like me, imagine how I felt about getting multiple girls to be in a relationship with me.

After years of countless rejections and failures, with hardly any improvements in my skills…
I started to think – I was the problem:
I was starting to blame myself for my lack of success. Before I knew it... I had convinced myself that I had to be a damn good looking multi-millionaire, with a super fast sports car…

Plus 100,000s of followers on Instagram to ever have more than one girl interested in me.

And why shouldn’t I think so?

Years of TV, media & mental programming had taught me that only the ultra-rich or famous can ever hope to enjoy an abundance of beautiful women fighting for their attention 

Yet that whole way of thinking was so wrong (I’ll explain why in a moment)...

One day, I decided, “Enough is enough”... and finally committed to getting this dating thing handled... or die trying!

What happened next opened my eyes to an Earth-shattering truth about dating nobody ever talks about.

Now, I’m going to reveal this truth to you in a bit… but first I want to show you just how much discovering this shocking fact changed me...
My name, by the way, is Ryan Black.

I was a shy, introverted science nerd in school…

The first time I told a girl I liked her, she cried and ran away! So I grew up terrified of screwing up and being rejected by women…

Needless to say, I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 19.

I knew I was settling, but I had no idea if there was any way I could ever attract a girl I truly desired.

When a friend introduced me to “The Game”, I went all-in: obesessively going to nightclubs and using every single line, routine and technique I could get my hands on to seduce women:

Unfortunately, years later I had nothing to show for it...

If anything, I was more in my head, less sure of myself, and having basically zero fun every time I went out...

After 3 years of constant rejection and failure, I’d cemented in my mind the beliefs that I was ugly, that who I was wasn’t good enough, and only if I performed the slickest, most polished “seduction routines” perfectly, could I ever hope to attract an average-looking girl.

I was about to give up, until I discovered a totally new way that changed everything…
I stumbled across a new method of meeting & attracting women during the daytime, instead of at nightclubs (which I never liked and found loud, annoying and fake!)

This time, I was determined to do things differently:

Feeling so frustrated for so long (despite knowing all the ‘material’ and theory and still getting basically zero results) made me change my mindset…

Instead of going “I’ll read the free PDFs, watch some free videos, maybe get a $7 eBook and then figure it all out myself” like I’d done my whole life…

I invested in myself and got a coach to be there with me and show me the steps, one by one.

And I arrived with the attitude of “Ok well obviously I don’t actually know anything, so just show me what to do and I’ll do it.”

Yes, I got some ‘daygame techniques’ during my course.

But I got something much more profound: a series of experiences that removed the limiting beliefs that’d held me back all my life.

Pretty soon, I was going up to insanely hot girls I would have never had the balls to even look at in a club, was saying a bunch of random shit to them…

To my surprise, they lit up, smiled, gave me their number, and went on a date with me!

Within a few months of my decision to take action and invest in myself…
I was dating five different model-quality women
...in London, ethically (as in, they were totally down with me seeing other girls). It was insane!

Yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Because the girls all happily agreed to me seeing other girls, and would even flood my phone with text messages (and pictures ;) often literally begging to be my girlfriend!

The transformation finally hit me when I woke up one fine morning, next to M… and stumbled out of her bed (which she had one of her guy friends come fix after we broke it a few nights back ;)...

Then she went on to make me full English breakfast, before going on to ask if she could become my exclusive girlfriend. Meanwhile…

My phone buzzed as A, a Parisian catwalk model and face of a recent international L’Oreal campaign texted me saying “I want be your girlfriend” (her English wasn’t great)...

On top of that, I also had 3 missed calls and a text from P, the top-earning stripper at one of London’s elite stripclubs, saying how she missed me. Plus…

I was also due to see G, my French-Caribbean banking executive…

As well as D, the vegan daughter of an olympic athlete with a perfectly toned body to die for.

Furthermore, I’d go on to add T, my Ive-League educated model girlfriend from LA, as well as B… another model from NY into my international rotation.

And this made me realise…

I was finally living the “Hef lifestyle” so many men dream of, but don’t believe is possible for them.

...which leads to the ultimate question:

How the hell did I do it?

Well, to answer this question, let's get into the 3 key pillars that create The Hefner Effect. Starting with...
(1) Abundance
“Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you must not stay with it under any conditions.”

- Don Juan de Marco
If you look at the quote above from the legendary seducer, Don Juan… you’ll come to realise that each woman you meet is one of a million paths. And if you know you have essentially infinite potential paths or options ahead of you… you’ll truly embrace abundance in your life. In fact...

Hef was always true to himself and listening to former Playboy bunnies talking about him shows he was always himself around the ladies whether they liked it or not. So just think of how powerful this pillar would be if you implemented it in your life.

Imagine… being able to truly open up about your interests with a girl… and instead of her rolling her eyes and giving you an excuse to get away from you…

Her eyes open up in curious admiration, and her ears perk up just so she can listen to you speak… without judgement… 

Because she can feel that authentic masculine energy booming through your voice…

And it drives her wild with sexual desire and attraction because most men simply don’t have the balls to speak to her with that level of authenticity. 

The second pillar of the Hefner Effect is…
(2) Social Freedom
"Follow your own particular dreams. We are handed a life by peers, parents and society, you can do that or follow your own dreams. Life is short, be a dreamer..."

- Hugh Hefner
Social Freedom is where you give yourself the permission be your true self, despite social pressure to conform to the norm and “act like everyone else”.

This includes giving yourself the freedom to choose a career path of passion & purpose...

Create the kinds of relationships you want... even if they’re not “normal” by most people’s standards… 

And carve your own path in life, on your terms.

Hef was a master of social freedom, as he chose to grow his harem and start an adult magazine in an extremely conservative time where people who did what he did were socially cast out… or even shot in Larry Flint’s case. 

Now I want you to imagine just how different your life would be if you had social freedom:

Picture yourself being able to walk into a restaurant, or a bar… 

You don't see your friends anywhere, but you do spot a group of women having a drink together…

Instead of listening to that internal voice telling you "they're out of your league" or "they look bitchy" and just leave them alone…

You walk up to them like the man you are…

And instead of offering to “buy them a drink” as society expects of you…

You express exactly who you are and how you feel in the moment...

And before you know it, they're buying you drinks, while offering you a seat… and fighting to be the one you take home…

You wake up the next morning next to all three of them in your bed, the smell of their perfume wafting up your nose… as you feel the warm smoothness of their naked skin against yours.

This is the kind of reality that awaits you once you attain freedom from social pressure and social norms!

When you let go of the expectations forced on you by social pressure, you experience what Mikael P, who trained with me in London, did...
And, last but not least, the final pillar is...

(3) Acceptance

"If you're not feeling good about your own sexuality and your own body, you're not going to feel good about anything else."

- Hugh Hefner
“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn't try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn't need others' approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

- Lao Tzu
When you finally tap into the power of acceptance… you’ll leverage what is quite possibly the most attractive trait to women:


Here’s why this is such a big deal: If you don’t have acceptance in your life… you’ll creep out every woman you meet before you even open your mouth.

Without a sense of acceptance of who you truly are and that you're good enough already, you’ll be living a life filled with self-doubt and shame:

Shame for your desires.

Shame for your life goals, and the fact that what you want to do in your life is different from your parents expect out of you… different from what your teachers want from you… different from what society expects from you...

Shame for the fact that you feel sexual desire for the sexy woman in front of you.

You’ll be so ashamed of who you are, you’ll end up believing you need to be dishonest with the women you meet... and guess what, you end up lying to yourself.

End result:

You build relationships based on a foundation of lies!

And believe me… that’s no way to live.

However, when you finally embrace acceptance…

Your insecurities and your weaknesses no longer hold you back… but instead they push you forward because you’re acting from a place of true authenticity!

You know your weaknesses are what make you into who you are… and you embrace them!

Don’t believe me?

Haven’t you ever wondered how some of the most successful womanisers and playboys in the world come from the poorest ghettos, can barely read… are raised in a dysfunctional household… yet these guys get laid way more than most college graduates. Why is that?

Because they accepted who they are, and love themselves for it.

Their weaknesses & quirks don’t hold them back, and neither should yours.

Plus, once you accept your weaknesses and limitations, you will have taken that crucial first step towards actually improving yourself.

Acceptance is the first step of personal development… as my past client Ian, from London has to say after training with me:

“... was a great experience where not only did I learn some dating strategies/mindsets and decreased my social anxiety it also was a personal journey that allowed me to learn more about myself and overcome some of my insecurities.”

… as well as Paresh S, who had this to say:

“...Not anxious anymore: couldn’t even go to the store without being nervous I was over conscious about shit I don't need to focus on.
Getting more comfortable being myself being more effective in using my energy to connect with ppl. I feel my real self is coming back to life”

… now…

When you combine these three core pillars – it creates a flood of dating opportunities in your life...

Yet despite how complicated these three pillars seem… they all boil down to one core change in your behavior which will change everything about how women respond to you…

And most importantly…

How easy it will get for you make women into your girlfriends.

In fact, if you can master this one simple shift in your behavior…

  • You'll be dumbstruck at how women who previously wouldn’t give you the time of day… now nag you day and night hoping to have some of your attention!
  • ​You’ll never wonder “what to say next” when you’re talking with a girl. The words will just flow out of your mouth and she’ll be hooked on your every word. No more trying to predict what would happen if you said something, or worry what she’s thinking ever again...
  • ​You’ll be more comfortable being yourself, free from anxiety and free to express your yourself to the fullest no matter where you are, no matter who you’re talking to.
  • You’ll be able to eliminate approach anxiety… and you’ll find yourself able to just walk to any woman you’re attracted to, spark an engaging conversation with her… and regardless of the outcome, you will have been your true authentic self and she’ll totally respect you for that.
  • Like Luke T, from London you’ll discover that "the whole concept of approaching girls isn't something scary… but instead it’s something fun where you feel good for doing it no matter what the outcome!"
  • ​And… if you really push yourself you may well make massive progress like John M, from Reading… who managed to double the amount of girls he was seeing, and quadruple the amount of sex he was getting in little over 5 weeks!
Now at this point you might be wondering...

"How exactly do I implement these 3 pillars into my life?"

Well for starters…

This is not something you can do alone:

Well, not without investing at least 5 years of your life… ploughing through hundreds of brutal, soul-crushing rejections until you “figure it out” like I did...

There’s an easier way to master this aspect of your life though:

You see, you need a mentor who's already run the gauntlet… and returned with the step-by-step roadmap and strategies you need to master the 3 core pillars… so you can shortcut your way to Hefner-level abundance in a matter of weeks not years.

You need a trusted advisor to show you the ropes, and help you avoid critical mistakes, before they become ingrained as bad habits that unconsciously 'cockblock' you or, even worse, cost you a smoking 10/10 girlfriend!

You need someone who 'sees the matrix' to help you break down the limiting beliefs you're currently completely unaware of... beliefs that are literally creating subconscious barriers in your mind that stop you from creating the life you want.

You need a coach who can look at your unique situation, strengths & weaknesses… and give you a tailored action-plan designed to get you results in record time!

And that's why I’ve created…

The Ultimate Abundance Accelerator Program
Ultimate Abundance is the most intensive and advanced online program I've ever created.

This is literally every single nugget of wisdom I’ve discovered over a decade of approaching thousands of women and personally coaching hundreds of students from LA to London, Buenos Aires to Tokyo...
The material I'll share I've only ever revealed to my InField Immersion clients who pay $15,000.00 to spend a full 7 days with me 1:1 in person:

Even better, because we'll have an entire 8 weeks together, I have the time and space to really hold nothing back and give you everything:
From advanced mindsets and principles, to specific techniques and strategies for every single situation you might encounter... all the way from first meeting a woman, to having her as one of your loyal multiple girlfriends long-term for years!

You’ll get access to every single concept and theory that will empower you to get to the next level in your dating & relationships, broken down into digestible modules of theory...

Followed by real-world practice and action, so you can get instant feedback every week as you progress through each step. You’ll get:

Core Social Freedom & Approaching Skills (Weeks 1-3)
The complete roadmap from being in the right state, to how to stop her, what to say to start the conversation, all the through to making a deep connection, finding out about her, and getting her number in the most effective way. Including…
  • What women really want, what they’re actually attracted to, and the 3 simple things you must do to create attraction (hint: NO confidence required! )
  • The most effective way to stop a moving girl, or even groups of girls, ever developed and proven by 10+ years of in-field testing… even if she’s walking super fast, with her headphones on, on the phone, and looks super bitchy!
  • How to display the most important attractive qualities to her within 10 seconds, even if you have zero confidence and are stumbling over your words 
  • How to never fall into the ‘diabolical duo’ two mistakes 99% of guys make that instantly destroy connection and attraction
  • ​The 1-2-3 ‘idiot-proof’ steps to follow that create a natural conversation within 1-3 minutes...even if you “can’t think of what to say next” or have nothing in common (all 3 steps and how to do them right, laid out for you in full)
  • ​How to show you’re one of ‘those guys’ who’s experienced with women and has high standards (this works even if you’ve literally never had sex!)
  • ​How to make sure she eagerly says “yes!” to giving you her number, PLUS what to do before getting the number to massively reduce flakes, and have your first date pretty much guaranteed! (You'll be doing this smoothly by end of week 2)

Taking Things Further: Attraction & Seduction (Weeks 4-6)

Once you get the number, you need to know how to build the connection, without being too available or needy. You get a simple step-by-step "no effort" system to text her and set up a first date. Plus, what to do on dates all the way through to the bedroom!

We’ll cover:
  • Can you imagine typing just 3 words, and creating an instant positive emotional feeling in her as soon as she sees it? How easy would texting be if your very first message to her created an impression of you as playful, cocky, confident and experienced with women? I’ll reveal my patented 3-word first text that practically guarantees a response!
  • How to make sure she shows up, on time, and excited to see you. Plus, Discover how to take her on an emotional rollercoaster, right from “hello,” all the way to your first kiss...all the way back to your place!
  • How to lead the conversation (verbally and physically) to ensure you never end up in the dreaded ‘friend zone
  • 2 exercises you can do in around 10 minutes per week that will make you last longer and harder than any guy she’s ever been with.
  • The liberating mindsets you can adopt and give her, so she feels totally free to express her inner kinky slut to you (warning: fail to do these correctly, and you’re very likely to make her shut her legs and make you beg for sex...and not before the 5th date!)
  • ​How to make her orgasm as many times as you like, with her body and her mind, so she becomes uncontrollably addicted to sex with you (even if you’re currently very sexually inexperienced).

Advanced Multiple Relationships Dynamics (Weeks 7-8)

How to create a life of total abundance with women – from building the right investment dynamics to handling multiple women using ethical non-monogamy! 

We’ll reveal…
  • How to build in a 50-50 equal dynamic in your relationship right from the start, so you never end up feeling taken advantage of, disrespected, or ever ‘henpecked’. During the Relationship Management seminar you'll also discover...
  • How to introduce polyamory to each new girlfriend in a way she can’t wait to say yes to, because it makes her feel liberated when she's with you (unlike all the other controlling, jealous jerks she's dated before!)
  • How to reduce emotions like jealousy in a mature way, that enables you to grow as a man and build a harem of amazing women who love you for you!

And that's just the weekly content modules! You also get added support, accountability and all your questions answered during the whole 8 week program plus an extra full month of...
Community Bonus: 90 Days of The Brotherhood Online Group Coaching Mastermind
The Brotherhood core principle is this:

When it comes to improving any area of your life, you don’t need any more information, techniques or material.

(That stuff is all out there for free anyway… and another podcast, video course or audiobook is just gonna create more overwhelm and confusion about what the ‘right thing’ to do is!)
What I want to deliver is transformation.

And the most effective way to do that isn’t to overload you with content, bonuses and more information…

That’s why The Brotherhood is centred around one simple thing:

A live, interactive call every single week with a focus on one of the 4 core areas that make a Successful, Fulfilled and Well-Rounded Renaissance Man:

  •  Health & Fitness
  •  Dating & Relationships 
  • ​ Business & Entrepreneurship
  • ​ Passion, Purpose & Spirituality
So every week, you’ll get an invite link for a live, interactive coaching session over Zoom…

You can hop on, ask your question, and get personalised feedback, guidance and an action plan going forward right there from me personally:

That means, every single week, you’re getting exactly what you need to get unstuck, and I’ll give you at least one thing to implement for that week.

Plus, because you’re committing to that action step in front of the rest of the coaching group, you have a much higher level of accountability than some study-at-home video course!

The goal: to have you consistently taking action every single week, keeping you on-track to massively improve at least 1 of the core 4 areas over the course of the next 3 months.

This is the only place you’ll be able to get live, in-depth & personalized coaching from me, apart from a $250-500/hour skype session or a $4,800 - $15,000+ infield training.

So the value of just these coaching sessions is at least $1,250.00 per month right there!

You’ll get practical, actionable advice to help you make dramatic progress in every aspect of your existence.

Plus you'll also receive...
  • Recordings of every session, plus bonus monthly content. You'll get access to every single previous session, as well as recordings of exclusive content only for Brotherhood members. 
  • Book of the Month: I'll hand pick the most impactful books that have helped me across multiple areas: from habit formation, self-belief and motivation, all the way to tactical business strategies & workout routines, and everything in between. We'll choose one or two key takeaways each week and implement on them, so you can rapidly improve your ability to be social, get more dates, and uplevel your health, wealth and spirituality.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Discussion Forum. One of the biggest challenges I hear from students is "None of my friends are into this stuff." Or even worse, "My family thinks I'm weird so I don't talk about it." Without a support structure and community, it's 10 times harder to keep momentum and take daily action to hit your goals...

    That’s why I’ve worked tirelessly for a decade to create a community of like-minded guys who can support each other on this journey of self-improvement. There’s guys from all over the world inside the private group, so it’s a fantastic place to go to ask for advice in between coaching calls, share what's working, and make new connections & friends.
  • ​Brand New Guest Coaching Calls & Online Trainings. Roughly once a month, I'll get someone in my network to share an exclusive training and then do a guest coaching session just for you. I'll bring in dating & relationships experts, some of the world's most successful online marketers & salespeople, health & fitness trainers, as well as meditation, mindset & spiritual gurus.
Being part of this means you get to leverage...
The Century-Old Secret To Personal Growth
Coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925, the 'Mastermind' refers to a regular meeting of like-minded individuals to discuss ideas around a specific topic.

Great leaders such as Henry Ford, JRR Tolkein and Thomas Edison attribute a large part of their success to the discussions, inspiration and accountability they got from their mastermind meetings.

In fact, the legendary Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi had me on their webinar to discuss how transformative masterminds can be…

Even if you’re like me and you attend an event or workshop, buy an online course, or create a vision board…

What usually stops us from achieving our goals is that we stay in an environment that doesn’t support our highest self.

The power of a Mastermind comes from the old saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

By having regular meetings with other people on the same journey, you plug into an environment that’s tailor-made to support you:

You have the inspiration of the people ahead of you. You have the feeling of camaraderie and “I’m not the only one” with the people at the same level. And, you retain much more knowledge and get a lasting feeling of fulfilment when you teach and help those that are a bit further behind.

Plus, you have a massive anchor of accountability pulling you forward every day. Once you publicly tell 5 or 10 other guys exactly what you’ll be implementing that week… you literally feel compelled to execute.

(Kinda like when you have a personal trainer standing right next to you as you do an exercise - you work a lot harder and feel it way more the next day than when you hit the gym by yourself!)

And that's why my live trainings and Summits get such profound results for guys like you.

The trick is - what happens when you leave that group of action-taking guys, and go home?

That's why I wanted to build the closest thing to an in-person mastermind, but accessible from the comfort of your home, wherever you are...

Not only that, you also get...
3 Monthly Guest Training Seminars & Interactive Coaching
This program is called the Brotherhood for a reason. I want it to be a real community... even a family, of guys who can share anything without judgment or ridicule, just 100% support and guidance.

So I will bring you into my own family of brothers – guys who I've learned from, who've had my back, and who've been on this same journey of mastery, self-improvement, and lifestyle design...

Guys like Gareth Jones, who's been the undisputed text-game master for almost a decade now. He's travelled the world coaching guys for many of the top companies, and is so well-regarded among those 'in the know' that he charges a cool $4,000 a month for his private text-game consulting!

Or how about Mr Robbie Kramer, one of the leading figures who helped produce the 21Convention events. He built a $50,000-$100,000 per month passive-income business with Airbnb for fun while coaching guys full-time inside his Leverage community, and seems to spend at least 34% of his year on yachts surrounded by Eastern European models. How does he do it? Join me to find out!

And then there's Marcus Oakey – world-renowned coach with a 15-year+ track record of delivering transformational experiences for programs such as RSD, David Wygant, Sasha Daygame, PUATraining and now his own company YourCharismaCoach, which he's built and systematised so successfully, he no longer even needs to show up because it runs itself!

I'll bring him out of semi-retirement and get him to reveal the secrets of how to build the skill of charisma, so you can start having effortlessly powerful interactions with women, network and attract business opportunities into your life, and build social circles of amazing people wherever you go in the world...
Plus, each guest training session will come with the full recording, PDFs of the slides from each presentation, worksheets and cheat-sheets, and specific missions to accomplish for that week, to make sure that the theory and teaching is backed by at least 2-3 hours of real-world implementation.

Speaking of implementation, you also get...
Fast-Action BONUS: THREE 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions ($750 RRP!)
If you're one of the first 10 to enrol, I'll reward your commitment by giving you three personalized 1:1 coaching sessions worth $250 each over Skype or phone...

That's in addition to your weekly seminars, group coaching calls, the Facebook community, AND access to all the previous recordings, guest trainings, and bonus content!
This is all to make sure you're getting all the support, accountability, and action plan you need to be implementing and improving every single week...

And finally, just to pull out all the stops for you, I'll also give you...
BONUS: An Ultimate Abundance: LIVE 2020 Ticket ($397 RRP)
I started The Infinite Man Summit in 2016 as an experiment: would guys who'd previously been into 'PUA' stuff want to attend a summit about all the areas I'd become super passionate about - spirituality, health, business… as well as relationships?

As it turned out, it was a sold-out success, with over 120 guys flying from all around the world to London just to attend.

Since then, I’ve held Summits in Sofia, Lisbon and Acapulco...

And I've been blessed to share the stage with incredible speakers such as Peter Sage, Jesse Elder, Steve Pavlina, James Marshall, Jeff Berwick, and many more...
When you enrol today you get a ticket to attend my brand new event Ultimate Abundance Live 2020. It's designed around bringing a few select world-class experts along with myself, to help you create complete dating abundance in your life... and start living the life you truly desire, on your own terms.

The first Ultimate Abundance Live will kick off in May 2020, and you get a standard ticket worth $397 absolutely free when you enrol today.

PLUS: you get a special discounts as an Ultimate Abundance Accelerator off the VIP upgrade (which includes VIP dinner with me and the speakers) and ELITE upgrade (which gets you a full weekend of InField training!)
So You're Getting All This Today...
8 Weeks of The Ultimate Abundance
Online Accelerator Program

90 Days of The Brotherhood Group Coaching Interactive Weekly Calls

3 Skype 1:1 Coaching sessions with Ryan

Ticket to Ultimate Abundance: LIVE 2020

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But today, because you're clearly serious about creating total dating abundance, I’m gonna give you a massive discount…

At half that price, $8,819.00 for the whole program, that would be pretty fair (considering I’ve attended Masterminds for $10,000 for 2 days, and my 7-day trainings where I cover the material you'll be getting have sold for $15,000)...

But I’m gonna go way further than that:

Because you’re one of the first early-adopters of this new 'pilot' program…

I’m not even gonna charge you half of that $4,409.50

Or even half of THAT $2,204.75

The real-world actual investment for this program is only $1,997...

COVID deal ends in...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
P.S. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this:

What that also means for you, is that you get to lock-in your massive COVID discount of as much as $16,641.00 off...

That means you get 8 weeks of weekly live interactive seminars, monthly guest sessions, a free ticket to Ultimate Abundance LIVE 2020, 90 days of The Brotherhood group coaching support calls, and three personal 1:1 phone sessions with me, (that's over $17,638 of value) all for one easy payment of $1997 when you join today.

Q: So this is just an online course with a bunch of videos in a members area?

A: Not quite, and here's why:

Me personally, I've still got online courses (by great gurus whose stuff I like and respect) I bought... and I've never even logged in or watched the first video!

And I know I'm not lazy, nor do I think it's just me. The fact is, what makes a course get a result for you isn't how much information it contains. (In fact, I've logged into a members area before, seen a choice of hundreds of potential videos to watch, and gotten so overwhelmed I just close the window without watching anything!)

What defines the results you achieve is the extent to which you take action on the material. That's why this program is based around 80-90% action every single week.

Yes, there will be some content. But based on the same principle that makes my InField trainings so transformational: I'll deliver just enough material to give you an insight, idea, principle or technique that you can use to get to the next level... and then make sure you spend a bunch of time actually implementing it and seeing the results for yourself.

Q: When & where is my InField training with you?

A: This course is 8 weeks of online-only seminars plus 90 days of online group coaching.

If you want to do an extra 2-day InFIeld training with me, you can upgrade to a live coaching package for a special deal at any time during your Brotherhood membership. Just let me know and we can schedule a call to go over the details ;)

Q: What if I don't like it?

So here's the thing with money-back guarantees: the best, most action-taking guys who'll end up getting results don't need a guarantee.

The guy who's pushed off the fence only because he'll be able to get his money back tends to be the exact worst type of client who won't really show up, do the calls, or take action.

This isn't an 'introductory' offer for dipping your toes in the water. This is something I've created to continue to serve intermediate and advanced guys at a whole new level. So I'm not offering a 'try it and see' approach here.

I only want guys who are committed to investing in themselves and their personal growth. And for that reason there is no money-back policy.

When you finish the Accelerator and choose to continue the group coaching inside the Brotherhood monthly, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time, which is totally fine if you genuinely feel it's not serving you.

3 and 6 month payment plans are available

Q: Are women really OK with me having multiple girlfriends?

Now this right here is a very good question.

Because it brings me back to a key concept I teach called “Social Pressure”. What do I mean?

Think about it for a second:

Every movie you’ve watched… 99% of opinions in the media & society… and everyone you speak to... ALL serve to reinforce the false idea that the whole “one man one woman” relationship is the only one that works.

However, if you take the time to close eyes and ears to the common “social messaging” and see how people truly live…

You’ll realise that those who choose to go against this social pressure and programming, embrace more open and fulfilling relationships than you can possibly imagine!

And you don’t have to look too far to see this either. The signs are all there if you look hard enough. Don’t believe me? Just go on any dating site and see how many people are open to “swinging” and “swapping partners”.

Best part?

If you follow my system fully… the women you bring into your life will be eager to let you have multiple girlfriends, you’ll never have to feel guilty for “cheating” (because you’re not) and most importantly…

When you do 'the talk' using my unique script, you'll make it feel like it was her idea ;)

Q: I’m barely even getting first dates right now... will this really work for me?

Only a few year ago, I was in a similar position to you:

My dating life was virtually non-existent… and the thought of walking up to a girl and saying “Hi,” paralysed me to the core.

All these voices would run around in my head "What if people see me?" "She looks busy" "She won't be interested in YOU!"

And if I somehow got into a conversation with a girl?

I was always stuck in my head, wondering what to say next… wondering if she likes me… and just walking on eggshells the whole time…

Because I’d be too scared to express the real me to her thinking she wouldn't like me.

So, if I was able to master these skills… believe me when I say anyone can do it!

Plus, you have an advantage that I didn't:

You have me to personally guide you on your journey, and hold you hand as I walk you through the entire system... to practically ensure you get results!

I Can't Manage $1997... What Options Are There For Payment?

If you would prefer to spread the cost over a few payments, you can do this too...

I have both 3 and 6 month payment plans available... and you can see them by clicking on the orange button.

Once on the checkout page you can select the right payment option for you. 

You can also spread your payments over 3 or 6 months

Q: I don’t like going to clubs and bars, will your method still work?

I’ll be honest with you…

I hate going to clubs and bars too!

The women who are there and love drinking, partying and getting all this attention from tons of dudes they brush off... they're not exactly my cup of tea ;)

Plus, even if there is one you really like, you have to factor in dealing with their friends... talking over loud music...

You have an uphill battle that’s not worth it as a high-value man who cares about his time.

This may come as a surprise to you, but the best place to meet women is during the day during your normal routine.

I know this sounds crazy… because nobody else is even doing this…

Which makes it all the more powerful when you actually approach a woman on the street… sweep her off her feet…

And give her that “Hollywood” romantic moment she’s been dreaming about since she was a teenager!

Trust me, most women never get to experience this… essentially making you the highlight of her day, month, even LIFE…

Putting you leagues ahead of every other guy she’s ever met!

Q: Does this work even if I’m not ultra-rich, good-looking or “ripped” like a bodybuilder?

I’ll come clean and say…

It’ll actually work better if you’re not!


Because what women truly want in a man is not his money, his good looks… or his muscles.

Women, especially these days, want to feel a strong masculine presence who allows them to be led, submit and feel feminine!

This has nothing to do with money. Or even looks.

I should know...

I've been lying in bed with many a smoking-hot model before...

As she regales me with stories of guys trying to impress her:

Flying her on his private jet...

Penthouse suite booked in Vegas...

VIP section in the club and unlimited champagne all night...

I've even been changing the music on one of my girls' phones:

And seeing guys blowing up her WhatsApp with shirtless selfies of their shredded 6-pack abs...

Photos of their brand-new Lamborghini they want to drive her around in...

The list goes on...

Yet who is she actually in BED with?

Lanky, dorky, lame, nerdy, ginger, 18% bodyfat, no car ME!

In truth, it has to do with your mindset, attitude… and sense of confidence, nothing else.

Besides… any guy who feels he needs to impress women with superficial stuff, is saying that he doesn't really believe that who he IS, is enough.

And guess what: the women he attracts are exactly the type of woman who flirts with a man because of because of his money and what he can provide her…

And she’ll always leave him as soon as there's a bigger fish for her to prey on.

But nobody can compete with you when it comes to something you can’t take away:

You badass, self-assured sense of social freedom and self-belief.

So join me today and step into your new powerful reality... while there's still time to get in (and get the best deal) by clicking the orange button below...

COVID deal ends in...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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